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CASA Academy offers 1 hour and 45 minutes of math instruction on a daily basis. In CASA’s math block, scholars master the Arizona College and Career Ready standards, learn to apply mathematical problems to everyday life and learn basic mathematical concepts. Math instruction at CASA Academy includes:

Calendar Math/ Math Review: During Calendar Math and Math Review, scholars learn basic concepts such as days of the week and months of the year. This block of time allows teachers to spiral review concepts that scholars have not yet mastered. During this time of day, scholars can be seen solving problems on their white boards, working together with partners or using manipulatives to break down concepts in a hands-on way. Scholars also learn how to solve mental math problems, which prepares them for math they will encounter in their everyday lives.

Math Content: During math content lessons, scholars master the Arizona College and Career Ready mathematical standards. They learn everything from addition and subtraction to time and money. Standards are grouped into units to provide cohesive understanding in which mathematical concepts build on one another throughout the year to promote stronger mathematical understanding.

Math Acceleration: During math acceleration, scholars review math standards that were previously not mastered or receive additional instruction at a higher level to enrich their understanding of the standards. Scholars are grouped according to ability level to ensure that they receive targeted instruction to meet their individual needs.

Rocket Math: During Rocket Math, scholars have the opportunity to practice their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts at an individualized level. Scholars also learn strategies that good mathematicians use for solving problems. Mastering these basic facts prepares scholars for the advanced math that will come in higher grade levels.




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