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At CASA Academy, we know that a strong academic foundation is the key to putting scholars on the path to college. We offer a rigorous and joyful full-day kindergarten program that is tuition-free for all scholars. Kindergarteners at CASA Academy learn academic and character skills in a small, supportive community.

Early Literacy Development

Scholars in kindergarten receive 3.5 hours of research-based reading and writing instruction every day. Kindergarteners learn letter names and sounds, how to rhyme, and how to find the beginning and ending sounds of words. Scholars learn to form their letters correctly and to identify sight words. During the Daily 5, kindergarten scholars have the opportunity to make choices and move independently through activities that support literacy development. During guided reading, kindergarten scholars receive individualized instruction from their teacher, reading and discussing texts at their just-right level.


At CASA, kindergarteners receive 1 hour and 45 minutes of math instruction every day in order to master the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. In calendar math, scholars become familiar with the days of the week and months of the year. During core math instruction, scholars learn to count to 100 by ones and tens, to compare numbers, and to add and subtract within 10. Scholars describe and analyze shapes, and measure objects. At CASA Academy, scholars can often be seen doing math on white boards, working with partners, and using manipulatives to break down concepts in a hands-on way. During math acceleration, scholars receive additional support in math, grouped by their academic needs to ensure that they receive targeted instruction.

Science and Social Studies

Kindergarten scholars also learn science and social studies, following the Arizona state standards. In social studies, kindergarteners learn about themselves as citizens, exploring the importance of rules and responsibilities, and roles in a community. Scholars learn civic virtues and the principles and symbols of the American tradition. Kindergarteners begin to learn the history of other civilizations and to compare their own culture with the cultures of others. In kindergarten, scholars are introduced to physical science and the idea that the universe is made of matter. Scholars learn about the composition of the Earth and the solar system.

Character Development

In addition to academic skills, CASA Academy develops the character traits scholars will need for success in college and in life, from shaking hands firmly and disagreeing politely to growing in honesty and perseverance. Scholars receive explicit lessons in which they learn and practice these skills. Scholars are recognized by their teachers at weekly school gatherings and “shouted out” for growing in these skills. Through its excellent character development program, CASA Academy is shaping future leaders of our community and equipping each scholar to go on to success in college and in life. Click here to learn more about our core values at CASA Academy.

A Day in the Life

Follow a kindergartener through her school day at CASA Academy.

Bronica Sung, age 5, is a kindergartner at CASA Academy. Bronica moved to this country as a Burmese refugee. Her favorite thing about CASA Academy is her guided reading group with her teacher.

7:35 am: Bronica’s bus arrives at CASA. Bronica is greeted by her principal and her teacher. After handing in her homework, Bronica heads into her classroom to eat breakfast.

7:55am: Bronica’s classroom, ASU, starts the day by practicing making eye contact when greeting one another. ASU practices their “college chant” in preparation for their school-wide assembly on Friday.

8:20am: During calendar math review, scholars count how many days they have been in school; today is the 35th day! Bronica sings with her classmates to identify the current month, day and year.

8:50am: It’s the first recess of the day, and Bronica heads out to the playground for a game of tag.

9:05am: Bronica’s teacher, Ms. Lowry, teaches scholars letter sounds, phonograms and sight words as the class begins to learn the building blocks of literacy.

9:55 am: Bronica listens attentively for rhyming words as Ms. Lowry reads to her from The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

10:35 am: During math, Bronica counts, identifies and writes the number six.

11:20 am: At lunch, Bronica eats whole wheat pizza, carrot sticks, and a fruit cup.

11:50 pm: In Writer’s Workshop, Bronica writes about and illustrates objects that are blue.

12:40 pm: During math acceleration, Bronica writes the numbers 1-6 while her teacher works with a small math group.

1:00 pm: For her final recess of the day, Bronica plays “school” outside with her friends.

1:35 pm: Scholars learn the definitions of the words “welcome” and “snatch” during vocabulary time

1:45 pm: During their Daily 5 block, Ms. Lowry instructs scholars on how to use a finger for tracking while reading. Bronica works with her teacher in a small group, then moves to the carpet to listen to a book on CD.

2:55 pm: Scholars gather together for Community Circle as they prepare to end their day.

3:20 pm: Time to go home! Bronica boards the bus to head home to her family.

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