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Writing Application Questions

Stage I: Application Questions
The questions below are designed to help us understand your beliefs about education. Please answer each question in no more than 250 words. Save the document as “Position_YourName_ApplicationQuestions” before submitting.

1. In CASA Academy’s target population, currently only 68% of students are meeting standards as determined by state tests in reading and only 63% are meeting standards in math. In addition, approximately 72% of adults in our target region do not have a college degree. What do you believe are the top three reasons why?

2. What are the three most important beliefs and/or skills needed to be an effective teacher? How are these skills obtained?

3. What are your beliefs about classroom management and/or structure in the classroom? How does this impact your teaching?

4. Many students at CASA Academy enter school several years below grade level. Where do you think CASA students should be academically at the end of the year? Should they be held to the same expectations as their more affluent peers? Why or why not?