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What Makes Us Different



What makes us different?
Higher Expectations
At CASA Academy, the road to college starts in kindergarten. From the first day of school, CASA Academy staff hold high expectations for all scholars. Teachers consistently provide rigorous instruction to ensure that all scholars are above grade-level at the end of the year.
A Focus on the Primary Grades
CASA Academy focuses on Phoenix’s youngest learners, providing instruction that is targeted to their developmental and intellectual needs.
The Best Teachers
CASA Academy’s teachers are hired from across the United States and are selected after an intensive interview process which includes a phone screening, multiple in-person interviews, a demo lesson and data analysis. This year, CASA Academy accepted less than 10% of teacher applicants. All teachers will hold a Bachelor’s Degree and are Highly Qualified.
Authentic Approaches
All instruction at CASA Academy is authentic, meaning that whatever taught in a lesson is taught in a way in which scholars can apply it to the real world. This allows scholars to make connections and apply their knowledge to their own experiences.
Character Education
It is not enough to be smart; scholars must have strong social skills to succeed in life as well. CASA Academy explicitly teaches the skills necessary for scholars to maintain strong character and maintains these skills through a culture that cultivates kindness and professionalism.
Priority on Scholars and Families
The directors and staff of CASA Academy exist to serve scholars and families. All families are provided with every staff member’s cell phone number and are encouraged to contact staff members with any needs or questions they may have. CASA Academy teachers contact every scholar’s family on a bi-weekly basis. In addition, the Director of Students and Operations is available to meet with families whenever the need arises.
A School Calendar that Works
CASA Academy has an extended school day and operates on a 200 day, year round calendar. This provides longer periods of instruction (over 350 extra hours of instruction per year), and prevents scholars from forgetting information during a long summer break.