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Our Purpose

Smiling CASA scholar holding a pencilOur Purpose

Although there are high performing schools in Arizona, few serve low-income communities. Even fewer serve students at the elementary level. Because of this, there is an urgent need for achievement-focused elementary charter schools like CASA Academy to ensure our youngest learners have the ability to attain an excellent education that will prepare them for success in college, life, and society.

We set an early foundation for future college and career success.
Before CASA opened, students in CASA’s community did not have the opportunity to attend a high performing elementary school. CASA Academy seeks to fill that void and dramatically change the life trajectory of the community’s youngest students by ensuring they are on the path to graduation from college beginning in kindergarten.

We provide a transformative education.
Research shows that students who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school than students who read on grade level. CASA Academy seeks to significantly alter the life paths of students in our community by providing an excellent education from the earliest grades to set scholars up to attend and graduate from high school and college. Our education is transformative because it changes the life trajectory of each scholar, equipping them with the academic and character skills they will need to succeed.

Our scholars persevere in the face of challenges.
By ensuring that scholars are academically proficient or excelling, are critical thinkers, and possess strong character traits, CASA Academy sets scholars up for success. When scholars leave CASA Academy, they will have developed the grit necessary to persevere in the face of challenges. This grit will equip scholars to successfully complete their academic journey, all the way through college, and will allow them to become citizens who contribute to their communities as leaders.

Our Mission

CASA Academy provides low-income students with the early academic foundation and character skills necessary to graduate from college and succeed in life. At CASA we are not just a school, but a movement to raise the bar for education in Phoenix.


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