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Peg George photo

“I am a supporter of CASA Academy because of its enthusiasm for its students, staff’s knowledge of educational strategies, and CASA’s commitment to see all children succeed.”

-Peg George

BrigitteandAndrew“We believe education is vital and believe that everyone deserves a good education, especially traditionally underserved populations. We believe CASA is doing that!”

-Brigitte and Andrew Burton

William Campbell photo“My first contact with CASA was when Jenna Leahy, a former student of mine at Phillips Exeter Academy, told me about her eagerness to open school for young students. With her co-founder, Tacey Clayton, an exciting and innovative new school, CASA, was founded. Who could not support such a terrific effort by two young ladies, determined to help the children of low-income families in Phoenix and contribute to their community. CASA provides education to young learners, but CASA goes beyond just teaching; it works with the whole student and with their family. Their goal of giving the community’s youngest students a solid foundation which will start them on the road to a college education and prepare them for a productive life is fantastic. That is why my wife, Anne, and I support this Academy so strongly.”

-William Campbell