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A Day in the Life: Bronica


Meet Bronica!

Bronica Sung, age 5, is a kindergartner at CASA Academy. Bronica moved to this country as a Burmese refugee. Her favorite thing about CASA Academy is the guided reading group that she has with her teacher!

7:35 AM: Bronica’s bus arrives at CASA. Bronica is greeted by her principal and her teacher. After handing in her homework, Bronica heads into her classroom to eat breakfast.

7:55 AM: Bronica’s classroom, ASU, starts the day by learning how to make eye contact when greeting one another. ASU practices their “college chant” in preparation for their school-wide assembly on Friday.

8:20 AM: During calendar math review, ASU counts how many days they have been in school; today is the 35th day! Bronica sings chants to identify the current month, day and year.

8:50 AM: It’s the first recess of the day, as Bronica heads out for a game of tag.

9:05 AM: Bronica’s teacher, Ms. Lowry, teaches ASU letter sounds, phonograms and sight words as the class begins to learn the building blocks of literacy.

9:55 AM: Bronica listens attentively for rhyming words as Ms. Lowry reads to her
from The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

10:35 AM: It’s math time! Bronica counts, identifies and writes the number six.

11:20 AM: At lunch, Bronica eats yummy whole wheat pizza, carrot sticks, and a fruit cup.

11:50 PM: In Writer’s Workshop Bronica writes about and illustrates items that are blue.

12:40 PM: During math acceleration, Bronica writes the numbers 1-6 while her teacher pulls a small math group.

1:00 PM: For her final recess of the day, Bronica plays “school” outside with her friends.

1:35 PM: It’s vocabulary time! ASU learns the definitions of the words “welcome” and “snatch.”

1:45 PM: During their Daily 5 block, Ms. Lowry instructs ASU on how to use one’s finger when reading. Bronica works with her teacher in a small group, then moves to the carpet to listen to a book on CD.

2:55 PM: ASU gathers together for Community Circle as they end their day.

3:20 PM: Time to go home! Bronica boards the bus to head home to her family.

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