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“If not us, who? If not now, when?”
– John F. Kennedy

We are hiring! Join Our Team!

At CASA Academy we know that our moment is now. Currently, only 68% of students in our local community are meeting standards in reading and only 63% are meeting standards in math. CASA Academy seeks extraordinary teachers who are ready to change the educational options for students in central Phoenix. Now.

Why teach at CASA Academy?

Innovate: be a founder.

At CASA, teachers have the opportunity to shape the future of our school. Teachers will not be asked to teach a scripted curriculum; rather, they will work within CASA’s frameworks, collaborating with a team of highly skilled individuals to co-create a curriculum that is targeted to meet student needs every day. CASA is a place where we value teachers’ expertise and support the integral knowledge they bring to our founding team.

Become your best.

At CASA, we strive to develop ourselves as professionals so that we are the best we can be every day. We hold high expectations for teachers and will offer the support necessary to make sure our teachers succeed. Teachers begin the year with three weeks of professional development designed specifically to build a common understanding of all that CASA has to accomplish and to support teachers in achieving CASA’s goals. Every week, teachers will be observed and receive individualized feedback targeted towards their professional goals to ensure student success.

Work as a family.

At CASA, we value our students and staff above all else and strive to be more than just a school. We are a team of professionals who are a family, committed to closing the achievement gap here in Phoenix. We collaborate on a daily basis to learn, develop, and grow ourselves and to support one another.

Change Phoenix.

At CASA Academy, we change the future. Literally. Every day, teachers will work with students to ensure their academic success while simultaneously shaping their character and making every child feel loved, valued, and respected.

Who are we looking for?

CASA Academy seeks highly motivated and skilled candidates who:

  • Believe that in order to close the achievement gap, we must begin at the youngest ages possible.
  • Recognize that there is nothing more important than providing a high-quality, rigorous education for students from low-income backgrounds in order to prepare them for college, life and society.
  • Believe that every student should be held to the highest expectations, both behaviorally and academically.
  • Know that every child can, with the right instruction and support, take ownership of his/her own education from a young age.
  • Understand that students learn best when they are provided daily opportunities to apply their learning and make connections to the real world.
  • Realize that parents are an integral part of a child’s education and seek to partner with families on a weekly basis.
  • Collaborate and communicate successfully with others.
  • Crave growth and development and believe that the work of a teacher is never finished.
  • Embody CASA’s core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, and empowerment.
  • Take personal responsibility for student outcomes.
  • Approach challenges with a solutions-oriented mindset.


2016-17 School Year

Application Process

Our application process is designed for us to identify individuals who fit the structure and mission of our school. Applicants will continue to move forward in the process based on the unity of beliefs between CASA Academy and the candidate.

All Applicants: To apply for a position at CASA Academy, please submit your resume to Liliana Martinez, Dean of Students and Operations, via email at Should you be selected to move forward in the process, we will notify you via telephone and/or e-mail.